Current Faculty and Staff Opinions

Interviews were done by some of the school’s staff as to their general knowledge of the once well-known St. Bonaventure football team. In this video, Jason MacBain who is the sports information director at the university goes on to tell what he knows about the team. Also to talk about the team, Rob DeFazio¬†the director … Continue reading

St. Bona Football Coaches

Alma%20Mater.mp3 Throughout its shortlived football career, St. Bonaventure’s football team had seven coaches while it was up and running. These coaches helped make history at the school and left an unforgettable mark. They included James A. “Shine” McLaughlin, Alfred Carmont, Glenn Carberry , Fred V. Ostergren , Carroll “Mike” Reilly, ¬†Hugh Devore and Joseph Bach. … Continue reading

Forness Stadium

Forness Stadium was a gift of the former Olean Mayor and civic leader Fred W. Forness, the stadium hosted intercollegiate football games from 1946 until 1951. The St. Bonaventure press box which sat high above the south side of the stands was ranked as one of the finest facilities in the nation. According to press … Continue reading