St. Bona Football Coaches


Throughout its shortlived football career, St. Bonaventure’s football team had seven coaches while it was up and running. These coaches helped make history at the school and left an unforgettable mark. They included James A. “Shine” McLaughlin, Alfred Carmont, Glenn Carberry , Fred V. Ostergren , Carroll “Mike” Reilly,  Hugh Devore and Joseph Bach.

James A. “Shine” McLaughlin – First coach for the Brown Indians intercollegiate team. Coached the Bonnies from 1915 to 1921 for SBU. McLaughlin compiled a record of 13-22-6. He finished his coaching career with a .371 winning percentage, the lowest of any of the SBU coaches.

James A. McLaughlin
Photo credit to St. Bonaventure University

Alfred Carmont – First alumni of St. Bonaventure to take the reins of SBU football. Carmont coached for two years and compiled a 6-10-1 record. Before his promotion to head coach in 1922, Carmont was one of many assistant coaches for McLaughlin. Carmont also coached basketball from 1920-1923 where he recorded back-to-back winning seasons 1922 (12-10) and 1923 (13-10).

Alfred Carmont
Photo Credit to St. Bonaventure University

Glenn Carberry – Third coach for SBU football. Came from Notre Dame University to help along the program after the leaving of Coach Carmont. Compiled a 6-9-0 record over two years of coaching during 1924 and 1925 with a winning percentage of .400. Also coached basketball at St. Bonaventure University from 1924-1926, posting winning seasons in 1925 (13-11) and 1926 (15-6).

Photo of 1925 team from Nov. 1925 Laurel
Carberry is under arrow.

Fred V. Ostergren – Coached the St. Bonaventure Bonnies Football team from 1926 through 1929. During his four seasons at Bonas Ostergren had an overall record of 13 wins, 16 losses and 4 tied games for a .448 winning percentage. In 1928 he led the Bonnies to a 25-8 win over Niagara and in 1929 the team triumphed over other big three rival Canisius with a score of 26-7. He also coached baseball during his tenure at St. Bonaventure.

Photo Credit goes to St. Bonaventure University

Ostergren graduated from the old Roxbury High School where he was a star fullback and outstanding first baseman. He then went on to Holly Cross where he excelled in both Football and Baseball. After college he was recruited for the Boston Red Sox for one year. However his true love was football. During his coaching career became:

  • Head Football Coach at Western Reserve.
  • Head Coach at Deering High School in Portland, Me.
  • Head Coach at Portland High School.
  • Head Coach Bowdoin College was his next stop.
  • He held positions at Malden High School and St. Bonaventures High School.
  • Head Coach of the Arlington High School in 1931

His coaching career ended in 1944 at Arlington High School. However, he went on to become their Athletic Director where he developed a Freshman Junior Program and his team won the Greater Boston Championship. Was also one of the first Charter members of The Touchdown Club of Arlington and was the first member to pass away on July 4, 1945. Because of his influence to the club and as a memorial to him the Fred V. Ostergren Awards-Trophy night was instituted. 

Carroll “Mike” Reilly –  Carroll Reilly was a coach at St. Bonaventure from 1930 to 1942. He first served as an assistant to coach Fred Ostergren but then landed the job as head coach in 1930. He was the first coach in the school’s history to end his career with a .500 record, having a total of 44-44-7  wins, losses and ties. He was also was a varsity basketball from 1928 to 1942 coach earning much respect in the Bonaventure community. He also had a winning season in basketball with a .639 percentage and a 133-75 record. After his death, the basketball area was appropriately named after him when it was built in 1966, known as the “Reilly Center”.

Pictured is coach Reilly with some of his student atheletes

Hugh Devore –  Coach Devore has a large list of schools that he coached in his career  including Notre Damn, Fordham, Providence, and NYU to name a few. Specifically at St. Bonaventure, he landed his mark as the coach with the highest winning percentage of any St. Bonaventure football coach at .735 and finished with an overall record of 25 wins and 7 losses. What makes Devore unique is that he was also a player and coach at Notre Dame before he coached at Bonaventure. Devore also had a run in the NFL serving as an assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers and Philidelphia Eagles.

Coach Hugh Devore

Joseph Bach – Joesph Bach was the final coach at the University serving from 1950-1951. In his two years as coach, Bach had a 12-6 record. Before coaching at St. Bonaventure Bach was a player for Notre Dame and then coached for the Pittsburg Pirates(1935-36) and later on his career for the newly named Pittsburg Steelers(1952-53).

Coach Joe Bach

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