Current Faculty and Staff Opinions

Interviews were done by some of the school’s staff as to their general knowledge of the once well-known St. Bonaventure football team.

In this video, Jason MacBain who is the sports information director at the university goes on to tell what he knows about the team.

Also to talk about the team, Rob DeFazio the director of intramural and club sports explains why he believes that the university will never have a football team again.
“The cost to have a football team is too expensive for a university our size, we would not be able to come up with the funding for a new stadium, traveling, equipment, and the faculty and staff,” said DeFazio.

Brother Ed, who is a franciscan friar at St. Bonaventure, added his tidbits on the football program:

” Jack Butler was here in those days of SBU football, just put in the Hall of Fame with a lot of SBU support and excitement,” said Br. Ed. “Ted Marchibroda was another player who went on to do great things in the NFL after a successful college career with SBU.”

He also addressed the hardships of Bonaventure having to let go of the football program due to financial burdens. “As I understand it, the cost of the program and travel was more than the university was able to handle.” Br. Ed added. “Playing a game required a bit of travel and time away from campus. Unfortunately, with the cost of equipment and travel rising over the years, SBU had no choice but to end their football program.”



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